Forbes names Sacramento best place to live in California

Forbes names Sacramento best place to live in California

  • 01/13/23

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Forbes released an article listing Sacramento as the best place to live in California. The article considered the city size, crime rates, diversity, cost of living, and community amenities to determine the ranking.

"We love it here," says Sacramento resident Robert Didonato.

Sacramento is number one, according to Forbes, the magazine considered data including crime rates cost of living, and available activities from major cities statewide and Sac-Town is on top.

"it is easy to live here," says Didonato, who moved from the bay area in the '90s.

"The education is good for our kids. The traffic isn't bad. The weather is pretty good…the people are great," says Didonato.

The Magazine touted the city's friendly atmosphere, leisurely activities like the American river trails, and small businesses.

 "Sacramento right now is going up," says Dani Yi, who works at Darling Aviary, a nightclub in the heart of DOCO and says business owners have close ties to the community.

"A lot of them are born and raised or lived here for a long time. There is a tight-knit community here," says Yi.

But not all locals feel welcome though, the magazine highlights Sacramento's housing market – locals are getting pushed out.

"From an outsider's perspective prices are a lot lower rents are a lot lower. There are bay area counties where the median price is at least twice as much if not more. It's just the struggle is for locals right now we're struggling to afford the market," says Ryan Lundquist an appraiser and housing analyst, who says the ranking is bittersweet.

" I was glad to see Sacramento with positive publicity," says Lundquist,

Forbes placed Sacramento ahead of San Francisco, San Diego, and LA. 

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